Our curriculum aims to enable each student to achieve her or his full potential. We do this by organizing a weekly timetable of lessons using a variety of learning and teaching styles and providing the best available resources. Students will work sometimes on their own and at other times in pairs and groups. Practical work and participation form an important part of many lessons, but there are also times for listening, reading, thinking and writing. Educational visits and residential trips are often used to enhance the curriculum.

Taught by a qualified staff of dedicated specialists, the curriculum, both academic and non-academic, is broad and stimulating, and offers every pupil the chance to be challenged and to excel. For instance, JPS enjoys a justly high reputation in sports, art and drama.


KG provides for children between the ages of 3 and 4 years old. Our primary aim during these critical years is to ensure your child’s comfort and to offer the vital first steps in their education which are the building blocks for their future academics. We offer children a positive learning experience, so that when they move on to the next level they will have all the necessary educational and social skills to prepare them for a more formal approach to learning.

We ensure that parents are involved in their child’s learning, by sending detailed copies of our worksheets home at the beginning of every week.


In Reception the children commence full-time education. We provide a structured learning environment, building on concepts developed in the Nursery. There is an excellent staff/pupil ratio and our staff are well qualified, dedicated and experienced. We offer a ‘wrap-around’ care scheme for children from Reception upwards, providing supervision from 8.00 a.m. till 12.00 p.m. the whole week.

Choosing the right School is one of the most important things you can do for your child, and we appreciate that you will be looking for a variety of qualities and characteristics. At JPS, we offer a warm and welcoming environment with a family atmosphere, where your child’s learning experience can be nurtured in smart class sizes. We endeavor to create an ambitious academic environment, whilst also offering a full commitment to sports, art and drama. We will encourage your child to discover their own individual strengths through wide range of opportunities available for them.

Our aim is to enable your child to thrive in the happy atmosphere that is created by our team of talented, highly qualified and committed teachers, whilst maintaining good discipline with clear traditional values. We understand the importance of fostering strong links between home and school and aim to ensure that we work together to promote the welfare and learning of each child.

The ethos of our school is one of tolerance and understanding of the beliefs of others.

Our teaching is Islam based and this is used as a vehicle to explore a range of cultures and traditions through lessons and morning assemblies. We are an inclusive school, and welcome families of all faiths or none.


At JPS, we believe in educating the child, and that education is about more than just school-work. Whilst we regard your child’s academic achievement as vitally important, we are equally concerned with their personal development. Our aim is to enable all our pupils to achieve their potential and become fully-rounded individuals, who are able to make a positive contribution to the society when they leave our care. We actively encourage pupils to take part in the wide range of sports, drama and art activities provided for them. We also offer a wide range of school trips and activity holidays which we believe will help widen our pupils’ learning experience.

Which of the five traits comes most naturally to you.